Feeding a green Cyclops

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The amount of plastic bottles we accrue at home is obscene, thanks to the national past-time of drinking bottled voda rather than its piped counterpart. I actually don't mind the Prague tap water, but the bottled water comes with so many delicious choices - perliva (with gas), jahody (strawberry), citron (citrus)... you get the point.

Thankfully, another national past-time is recycling; the Czechs were "green" long before it was en vogue. Everyone brings their own bags to the markets, butchers and bakeries, and containers are literally reused until they fall apart. (I'm not sure if this was out of concern for the environment or out of a need to be frugal, but either way it's good.) The public transportation system is excellent, and grocery stores offer 3kc per beer bottle returned to the store.

Moreover, I read that there are about 3,000 recycling receptacles in Prague, like the one below. They're color-coded for rubbish like this:

·    Paper/Cardboard (papír) - blue bin
·    Plastic (plasty) - yellow bin
·    Glass (sklo) - green bin*
·    Beverage Containers (nápojové kartonytetrapak) - orange bin

Our corner glass bin, which looks a lot like a Cyclops
In other home news, dad's North Dakota cabin keeps growing; here's a photo from FaceTiming a week ago:


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