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Friday, September 27, 2013


My little paw pads are used to the cobblestones now. I have adapted to Czech dog food, which has overt chunks of animal parts in it. The city sounds no longer inspire me to bark inappropriately. I've made some doggie buddies whom I see on strolls around the neighborhood. And I'm allowed to go pretty much everywhere mom and dad go.

I am living the high life!

Mom's coworkers gave me my very own chair to sit in at dinner last night. It was even at a fancier place, called Olympia Restaurant, near the theater where mom is directing the school play.

See me and dad on the right? We cycled along the Vltava River and took a break in the shade. Sometimes he even takes me grocery shopping on the bike.

I get my own seat. It's kind of embarrassing...

...but the views are reBARKable!

I also enjoyed watching sports at the beer garden.

The one called Letna is near mom's school so we went there after work one day.

Sometimes other kids like me go there, too, like this guy. I said hi, but I only came up to his knee.

All this fun really tires me out!

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