Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mid-50s to low-60s aren't bad temps for late September and early October; they've given us the chance to engage in some outdoorsy pursuits. Also, the school has an extensive program of "green" extracurricular activities, and I like that chaperoning them gives adults like us the chance to try new things and be outside - even if it is with a bunch of wacky teenagers :)

BW got asked to fill in for a sick rowing supervisor recently and spent a couple of hours on the Vltava with junior highers. It's mind-blowing how many opportunities the kids have to be active -- and how many kids voluntarily participate in the offerings.

Pictures from school website

In addition, I led a hiking group on Sunday for something called the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. We hiked for about 20km, but I wasn't allowed to do any map-reading or provide food; the students had to do everything themselves. I rode the train back to Prague, and the students camped with another staff member and hiked 20km the next day. Impressive!

Hardcore hikers!

Out of the woods and into a village

More info on the International Award:

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