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Sunday, October 20, 2013

BW and I may enjoy a fair amount of harmony as a doe-eyed, newly-married couple, but we definitely don't agree on everything. He'd eat meat, gravy and Czech dumplings every night if he could (no thanks) and I think I need to buy a sleeker, more attractive pair of city winter boots (which he thinks is frivolous because I have a huge pair of purple clunkers from North Dakota in the closet). 

For the most part, we agree on what to do on days off. But if both of us could plan our Perfect day, it would probably look something like this:

BW's ideal day

Sleeping in and then strolling around Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral...

...while taking in the magnificent city views below

Visiting a brewery in Prague 5 and sampling the wares

Grabbing our enviro sacks and rooting out dinner ingredients at a farmer's market across the river

Relishing a beer outdoors

Dropping by another farmers' market and/or grocery store

Eating klobasa, but not this kind

MY ideal day

Snacking on marzipan for breakfast

Hopping a Czech train

Getting off in some random village whose name I can't pronounce

Seeing things like this...

...and this

Riding back to Prague

And sitting in a fancyschmancy cafe, drinking unsweetened hot chocolate 

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