Monday, October 21, 2013

In high school, I hairline-fractured my ankle on the first day of volleyball camp at the University of North Dakota, which I'd wanted to attend for years. So much for camp. I was crushed.

Similarly, we almost had to say, "So much for Croatia," our midterm break destination, because of another bum appendage. We'd rented a car and stopped in Austria to see Cousin Liv for a night, and during a routine walk, Jayda refused to continue and licked her rear right paw excessively. After examining it and finding no punctures or foreign objects, we considered turning around in case she'd broken something. But Liv wisely reminded us that Croatia has vets, too, and J would be miserable no matter where she was. So we continued on, through the Austrian and Slovenian Alps... the seaside fishing town of Rovinj, Croatia.

After a long day and night of absolutely no walking, Jayda seems much better! So we're here in Croatia now and will post pictures and info once we get back to Prague and have better Internet. We were, however, able to connect with Ma and Pa W last night; great talking to you!

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