Legos, castles and Red Bull

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Despite having been fairly familiar with this country for the better part of a decade, I'm constantly discovering random Czech pearls of information. For example, The Prague Post just reported that the city of Kladno would be expanding its Lego facility next year. Lego facility? A bit of digging reveals that the Czech Republic is the primary European hub for the end-processing and packaging of Legos.
          Courtesy photo from Lego

I also recently read that the CR has the highest density of castles of any country in the world. One site put the number at 2,000, which I'm slightly dubious about, but it's true that you run smack into castle ruins constantly while driving or hiking in the countryside. BW and I will be hiking near this castle, Karlstejn, on Sunday,with a group of teachers and students:

In Prague finds, last weekend we discovered that the city was having its own Red Bull Flugtag event, just like the one in St. Paul, MN, a couple of years ago. We hung around the area but the crowd was 20 people-deep; we couldn't see a thing. The Red Bull photogs posted some great shots, though:
Taken by Sam Bloomfield, Red Bull

Here's to discovering more about this fascinating place!

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