Monday, November 11, 2013

The W clan is counting the minutes until their tropical Christmas in the Bahamas. BW and I have been eagle-eyeing airfares the past few months, but, alas, the prices from Prague are equivalent to a used car. So perhaps we'll make daquiries and crank up the heat in our flat and play steel drums on YouTube and do FaceTime with them.

We actually are trying to go somewhere for at least a few days over the break, using a website called homeexchange.com:

Basically, it allows you to swap homes with people for no cost. A bunch of my colleagues have been on exchanges and love it. Here's our listing:

We just joined and found it may be too hard to find a place for December with such short notice, but we're still looking. 

Also, Cousin Liv and her boyfriend C are coming to Prague for Xmas, so we're pretty excited about that!

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