Magnifique international week

Saturday, November 30, 2013

When it was announced that International Week was coming at school and we'd have to dress up in national costume, I figured a few people would participate but not many. In my experience, unless you give teens a pajama day, they're not going to dress up; creativity is for junior high, they say. I'm glad I was wrong about these students.

International week ended up being estupendo! Báječný! Tuyệt quá! Magnifique! The kids looked amazing in their "national dress"; in fact, I was the lame one, having only a Minnesota Gophers shirt and star-spangled socks for my "American" outfit.

We had a "shared lunch" where students and staff brought a dish from their home countries. BW made scalloped potatoes for a taste of Midwest Americana. There was nosh from Latvia, Iraq, Belgium, Korea - you name it.

There were also internationally-minded activities throughout the week like board games from around the world and "learn a language at lunch." Here, I'm getting a German lesson from a student. Wie heißt du?

What a gift to be learning on a daily basis. Both BW and I are big fans of getting an international "education" while we have the chance.

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