Sex sells... eyeglasses?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

And the cheesiest storefront ad in our Prague neighborhood goes to... da da da da...

Eiffel Optic near the Stepanska tram stop! In it, a clingy young lady appears to be de-robing a Zoolander wannabe, complete with a yin-yang necklace and hairless chest. Sex sells... prescription eyeglasses?

Examining marketing strategies across cultures is fascinating. Nudity and sexual innuendo are rife in advertising over here - partly because Europe is just more lax about birthday suits in general and partly because here in the Czech Republic, sexism doesn't yet seem to be a form of political incorrectness. Here's a relatively tame example for a sale on laptops:

And then there's this twisted TV ad created by Lowe Prague (with an English voice-over). It's for a "relaxing" drink called Zenonade in which a flight attendant fantasizes about a plane crash, and it's a play on the dark humor that is characteristic of Czech culture. No way no how would this ever air in the U.S.

Nudity and dark humor aside, there are a lot of creative advertisements here, as well as an International Advertising Festival every year. Here are a couple of ads I've seen and loved:

Sign for the Museum of Communism

Giant floating Staropramen bottle

Print ad that combines Skoda (car) with Mucha (famous Slavic artist)

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