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Monday, December 9, 2013

This might be a TMI moment... but... my molars are sparkling thanks to the dentistry at the Canadian Medical Center here in Prague. We're talking a serious cleaning including some sort of a powder spray gun that I'd never been privy to in the U.S.

On appointment day, I almost couldn't find the place because it's in an old mansion, tucked into a sort of residential area.

This is the waiting room; I felt like Marie Antionette waiting to see the hygienist! Must find history of the building.

BW goes to the dentist as well this week and we are thrilled because work covers our medical and health both 100%. That's a far cry from the over $900 per month it cost to add him onto my health insurance at my last two schools in America. (Suffice to say, we didn't.)

On a smaller cool scale, the dentist gave me these little brushes to go between the base of the teeth at the gum line. They're kind of awesome.

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