Monday, December 23, 2013

How thrilling to receive a few packages in the mail the other day, all the way from Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota! We've had some - how do I say it politely - CHALLENGES with the Czech postal service in our 5 months here, so we were thankful that everything arrived intact; only one box out of 4 had a large gash in it. Oh, and the postal authority thought another one was resale goods (taco seasoning, Chapstick, liquid foundation, etc.), so BW had to travel to another part of the city to retrieve it, as well as pay VAT. But, hey, we got it!

Our local P.O.
BW with the goods
And since we were in the vicinity, I convinced BW to eat at a conveyor belt sushi joint that I've wanted to try for months. They have a weekday lunchtime special that is ridiculously inexpensive, and the food was pretty decent. The little belt brings maki, nigiri, dumplings and shrimp right to you.

He likes it!
Let's just say we got our money's worth
However... neither Christmas packages nor rotating sushi exceed the value of our latest delivery - Cousin Liv and her friend, Seahawk! They came up from Austria and will be spending the holidays with us. Smashing!

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