On a mission for medovina

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mission Title: Medovina or Bust

Assignment: To find the best hot mead in the city of Prague

Rationale: The first night that Cousin Lv and Seahawk arrived in Prague, we swung them through the Old Town Square Christmas markets on the way to the National Theater and they tried hot honey wine, otherwise known as mead, or, in Czech, medovina. Their tastebuds fell quickly in love and they proceeded to scour the city for a perfect, reasonably-priced bottle.

1) Smile charmingly to score a few samples of the stuff, which is only available in winter.
That first, fateful taste

2) Sightsee through entire city whilst keeping eyes peeled and chops ready for more medovina-tasting opportunities.
The stunning National Theater (Narodni Divadlo)

3) Refuel with Czech food like utopenec (drowned sausage), which Cousing Lv loved.

4) Work up another medovina appetite the next day with a trip to Prague Castle and St. Vitus's Cathedral.

No medovina allowed in church

5) Visit the second-oldest pub in Prague and try another Czech beverage in the hopes it will fill the medovina void.
"Good... but it's no medovina..."

 6) Continue to traipse down the "Royal Road" through the center of Prague...
Under a tower bridge...
...and then on the Charles Bridge...
...for a super photo op...
...and past Santas on 4-wheelers on the swanky Parizka Street.
7) Visit two more sets of Christmas markets (Namesti Republiky and Namesti Miru), finding and sampling their medovina. 

8) Put off buying a bottle for fear of polishing it off prior to packing it and flying it back to the U.S.

Conclusion: Mission incomplete. But we've had a lot of fun!

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