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Thursday, December 26, 2013

About a decade ago, ER worked with hip dude MarkInMaine at The White Bear Press in Minnesota, and they kept in touch over the years. Recently, MarkInMaine and his wife ProfessorJen connected us with another alum of the Press who is now the Editor of a paper in New Brunswick, Maine, and happens to be married to a gal from the Czech Republic! Small world, right?

This week, we got to meet the New Brunswick Editor and his wife, Nurse M, while they were back in Prague visiting her family and our own visitors were on a daytrip. We had a lovely lunch at Cafe Louvre. Thanks, guys!

Afterwards, we strolled around town and watched as the carp stalls sold out of their fresh fish for Czech Christmas dinners. 
Butchered while you wait!
That morning, ER had put Cousin Lv and Seahwak on the train to Kutna Hora to see the famous "bone church." When they returned, we all went to tour the Staropramen Brewery in Prague 5, which was slightly hokey (automated tour rather than a human guide) but had a good finish with a crisp pivo at the end. The brewery was founded in 1869, and the word Staropramen means "old spring."

a big 'ol brewery
beer-making mechanics
Staropramen yummies
We learned that Staropramen is shipped to the U.S. and sold within 4 weeks of being bottled at the factory we visited in Prague. Again, small world!

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