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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ten days is a long time to spend in one city, no matter how delightful it is. Yet, planting yourself on holiday in one place allows you to turn the pace down a notch because you're not rushing from thingtothingtothing before boarding another bus/train/plane to the next destination whilst typing madly on a iSomething. We spent more time sipping homemade espresso and strolling along off-season beaches than we did speed-walking through museums and attractions, and we were unplugged from technology for most of the trip. It was nice.

We observed old men playing petanque in the park and the hazy way the afternoon air caught sunbeams over palm trees. We pointed at clever graffiti and how Iberico ham prices fluctuated from shop to shop.  We noticed things that would have otherwise been invisible had we been in a rush. Here are a few images of our noticings...

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  1. Wonderful pictures! I really like the photo of the man on the bench and the motorcycles & zebras... it's art. I also like the people on the big courtyard steps, the boys on the steps (a theme?) and all those flags over the street. It all looks so warm.


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