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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Despite the spice and life of Spain, we were glad to return home on Sunday. We both felt hugged by Prague upon entering the city; it was nice to hear the hum of Czech conversation and feel cobblestones under our feet again. Prague is good, and we made some New Year's resolutions for living here...

Be bookish:
Before the holidays, we'd tried to get library cards at the Municipal Library of Prague but couldn't because our long term visas haven't finished processing yet. So we want to get library-legal when we can.
Outside a book tower at the library...
...and inside of it!

Continue avoiding Western treats:
Starbucks, Fridays, KFC, etc., are expensive here (especially relative to the cost of living), and, really, why would you get a so-so cappuccino in a paper cup when you can get a rich, perfectly-foamed one on a silver tray with a little biscuit in a gorgeous Art Nouveau cafe?
I went with my students for our Tutor group's holiday party

Slip out of the city:
This country is hands-down gorgeous and you can get everywhere on public transit. I don't know if Czechs really understand how lucky they are to have these 50,000 square miles. We intend to see a lot more of them this year.
A photo of Cesky Raj/Bohemian Paradise by Steve Carlson, from ivanterzic

Soup it up:
When we go out for cheap Czech, it usually involves sausages and/or dumplings and/or fried cheese, etc. Our new favorite is topinka - lard-soaked toast smothered with roasted garlic. To keep our arteries clear, we're going to try to indulge less in the heavy stuff and partake more in the healthy stuff when a Czech food craving hits.
Cesnecka polevka (garlic soup)
Sopky salat (mixed vegetable salad) from
Happy New Year!

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