Great relatives, pun intended

Saturday, January 25, 2014

There once was a wildly world-traveled, warm-hearted and slightly wayward couple who brought groups of Western Washington University students to Prague for a study abroad program.

Over a decade later they've returned, sans students, to indulge in Prague's pleasures once again, holing up in a very Czech residential area and searching for a place that serves delectable fried duck. No, no dry Arizona heat or green Florida Keys for these two; they are spending 2 months of retirement in the arms of the Bohemian winter.

This wandering couple are ER's great-uncle and aunt, brother and sister-in-law to her maternal grandma, and we had the loveliest lunch with them last weekend at Kavarna Zanzibar.

Note to expats: we didn't eat Zanzibar's English breakfast, but they have one for 145kc, which is a steal compared to similar offerings in the center. Great Aunt really liked the salmon tartare.

After bidding our dear relatives goodbye, we strolled around the branch of Charles University that is near our flat. The General Teaching Hospital is there, along with the Faculty of Mathematics, the Institute of Physiology, etc. We don't know how old those particular buildings were, but Charles U was established in 1348, being one of the oldest post-secondary institutions in Europe, and ranks in the top 1.5 percent of the world's best universities. Some photos, unfiltered:

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