Óčko and snow

Monday, January 27, 2014

How totally appropriate that Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" just aired in our living room on Óčko, the Czech equivalent of MTV - we finally got bona fide snow! And it's terrifically cold out! 

I like having the channel on in the background while I mark papers, which usually means BW departs for another room; although Óčko has current Czech and Slovak music, for some reason it also plays cheesy 90s American gems like Ace of Base and Color Me Badd. And for a guy with discerning musical tastes, that's just unforgivable. I read on Wikipedia that about 8 hours of programming a day is controlled by viewer votes... so maybe my neighbors were really hankering for Vanilla Ice this evening.  

I kid you not.
Back to the weather. The tincture of snowflakes today gave a lovely ambiance of being holed up in a snowglobe. They fell in a perfect powdered-sugar dusting, not enough to impede traffic or give students legitimate excuses for being late to school. 

The courtyard behind school
Toward evening things got a bit thicker, but BW and I both welcomed it; the white stuff imparts a nice Minnesota feel.
The street we live on

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