Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pretty much all winter, our grand Prague has looked naked thanks to a deficit of snow. The city also seems quite overcast/moody because it can't preen itself under a sparkly blanket of white. Although it's decent enough weather for walking, you can feel the population here itching to get on slopes and sled hills. Even the statues seem a bit depressed...

BW was supposed to chaperon the school ski trip tomorrow (his birthday), Thursday and Friday. However, it got canceled because there's really nothing to ski on!

Today there was a slight dusting of snowflakes, but they didn't stick around too long. I don't know why on Earth someone was unhappy about the snow, per the sad face on this car in the Old Town...

Within an hour of the snowfall, everything had liquefied.

And the sky looked phosphorescent over Prague Castle tonight.

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