Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching up with old friends is like wrapping yourself in a cozy quilt of conversation and not noticing when the coffee goes cold.
Or like canon-balling into the sparkling sea after a looooong drive to the beach.
Or like savoring a spicy enchilada on a grey day and suddenly thinking everything seems brighter.

Well, we got to have our friends AND our enchiladas this weekend when we caught up with Mr. and Mrs TyVole over Mexican food at Las Adelitas. ER has known the charming Czechs for about 8 years, since her early days in Prague when she taught their daughter, and they are as excellent as ever.

We dug into our not-exactly-authentic-but-quite-good-for-Prague fare and Mr. and Mrs. TyVole not only spoke in English the whole time (which must have been brain-bending), but also gave us tips about the cheapest taxi company, where to find a fabric store, which iconic Czech musicians to listen to, etc.

Now you see it.

Now you don't! 
We hadn't had "Mexican" food since we lived in America and we were looking forward to dinner; ingredients are sparse and imports are pretty much just Old El Paso. The day leading up to the meal was grey - it's snowed once this whole winter and the rest of the time the sky's looked like fog slop -

...but having people like this around makes the weather completely inconsequential!

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