Euromaidan memorial

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ukrainians are the largest group of non-natives here in the Czech Republic; they make up about 30% of the foreign population. And the edge of geopolitically valuable Ukraine isn't that far away - only about 250 miles border-to-border, though Kiev is much further. 

Prayers to the people of the Ukraine and to their tenuous interim government. I don't currently have any Ukrainian students, but I do teach quite a few Russians, and I hope current sentiment and the situation in Crimea doesn't affect them in any way, either. Needless to say, we've been glued to the coverage, wondering what will happen next.

This evening we went for a walk and saw a small memorial on Wenceslas Square honoring Ukrainians killed in the uprising. Just devastating.

On a related note, The Prague Daily Monitor reported that the Czech government will be airlifting and treating 23 Euromaidan protesters injured in the fighting.


  1. There is a similar commemoration outside the Greek Catholic Church in Karlova, just to the east of Charles Bridge. I saw it today whilst walking between having had lunch with a member of my congregation & a pastoral visit in Mala Strana.

    Here in the Czech Republic, Ukrainians do the jobs that Czech people don't want to do themselves. Ironically, in the UK, it is Czechs, together with Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles & citizens of the Baltic States, who do the jobs that British people don't want to do. And in the USA, I guess it is Hispanic immigrants.

  2. Thanks for sharing, chaplain! I've heard the same about migrant workers in Europe. And I do find it ironic that the sentiment is such against Hispanic immigrants in the US, yet people have no problem accepting the inexpensive labor. Hmmmmm...


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