From Sochi to Prague

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And the final Czech 2014 Sochi Olympics medal count is... (drumroll)...



We cheered the Czech Republic and the United States on in all sorts of places, from a cave bar in the Old Town to through the windows of cafes in Paris to a living room filled with teenagers.

That's right - we had 14 kids in our flat the night of the opening Olympic ceremony. I had taken them to an international Drama competition in Prague, and since it was near our flat, we had them over for pizza, charades and Olympics. It was actually amusing because every 10 seconds some kid was cheering for their home country. Yay, Japan! Yay, Poland! Yay, Israel! Etc. And you should have heard the dramatic gasps when the fifth circle didn't open.

By the way, while the students weren't exactly Olympic medalists, they did win "Best Original Script" and "Best Supporting Actress" against teams all over Europe - and that probably felt just as special to them :)

And, coincidentally, their play was based on Mount Olympus!

 Our own Greek gods and goddesses


  1. Medals per capita:

  2. Cool- thanks! Czechs make the top 10!


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