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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life isn't all sunbeams-on-church spires and foamy cappuccinos.

For every cobblestone crossed, there's a tear shed over family and friends back home. For every morning spent exploring centuries-old architecture, there's a moan about graffiti or garbage on the street. BW has had a touch of culture shock. I'm up until all hours planning for the six different classes I teach at my new school. J-dog has a nemesis a couple of floors up and hollers at it whenever it passes our door to go out for a pee. We still can't speak proper Czech.

Life as an expat isn't perfect.

But it helps to have a sense of humor and sweep cynicism under the rug. Because we shape our own narratives, right?

So we choose to point and chuckle about things like this left on sidewalks late at night:
We actually need an ironing board; I should have grabbed it.

And we try foods that sound and look gag-worthy, like this "egg liquor-flavored yogurt":
It's not that bad!
We walk around with the camera and take pictures of irreverent things.
3 cars in 1 garage stall = rad
 We get innovative:
See; we totally needed that ironing board
 ...and we try to really see life.

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  1. Oh, yes -- this is expat life! I like your attitude and sense of humor.


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