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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is it really time to leave Paris?


We miss our dog and our Prague, but the impending flight home is pulling the corners of our mouths down.

Yes, we accidentally paid 6 euro for a fancy bottle of water, and yes, our shoes are completely grimy from the less-than-pristine streets. But the vie magique of Paris casts a romantic glow on all of it and any annoyances seem to just fall away.

Our last couple of French days were prime; after covering the obligatory EiffelTowerNotreDameArchdeTriompheEtc. (all of which were mammothly wonderful), we poked into some lesser-touristed corners of the city. 

In the Les Comptior General museum, we learned about corruption in Francophone Africa and saw a whimsical indoor garden.

There was a visit to Oscar Wilde's grave (and Edith Piaf's, Jim Morrison's, Moliere's, etc.) at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

We tromped around the Belleville neighborhood, where Edit Piaf lived, and drooled over rainbows of produce. If you haven't seen the movie "The Triplets of Belleville", you must! 

This children's artwork pasted on the outside of an elementary school in the 11e caught our eye.

A morning was spent wandering through the extensive maze of antique stalls in the Saint-Ouen flea market. I got barked at for taking pictures, so this is one of the few snaps from that outing.

I'm not sure how many churches we tiptoed into, but it was probably in the 'teens. This one was near our flat.

Olympics scores and updates were collected by BW as he peered in the windows of bars and cafés like this one.

We spent our last night strolling along the Seine...

...and then eating a proper French meal. Mmmmmm - snails!

All roads led to big grins for us in Paris :)

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