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Sunday, March 23, 2014

This blog exists for the sole purpose of keeping our rellies abreast of what we're doing way over here in the Czechosphere. Ex: We bought leeks from a Colin Firth look-alike at the farmer's market today! Lame for some, but the parents are plugged in. 

Yet, in a roundabout way, blogging has also opened a few interesting doors. We've electronically "met" other bloggers; we've acquired an arsenal of photos we otherwise mightn't have taken; and we've been offered writing gigs here and there. 

Anything that asks us to advertise a service we haven't used gets turned down, but I did accept an offer to do some freelancing for a web site,, which is aimed at traveling retirees. One of the assignments was to write the text for a slideshow about experiences in the Czech Republic that transcend the typical "tourist" stuff. Click on the picture below to link to see the finished product, which BW helped with, too. FYI - The photos that the publisher sourced are uh-maaaaay-zing!

Hard to believe our irreverent musings about Czech life and culture would interest anyone that much, but I also got interviewed as a local blogger (BW declined since I do most of the writing) by, which connects expats around the world. You have to join the site in order to see the interview, though.

Considering this is the most famous we'll ever be, hey - I may as well post about it.


  1. The origins of your blog are very similar to mine. I started blogging to keep family & friends back in the UK up-to-date with my new life in Prague. Btw, I didn't know that 'rellies' was an American term too - I've only ever heard it used by Australians!

    But as has been your experience, my blog has also opened various interesting doors. These days, many English-speaking Czechs read & comment on what I write which I enjoy very much. Likewise, I've been approached to write sponsored articles. My response is always, 'Thanks, but no thanks'. I believe in maintaining my personal integrity. But I enjoyed your article for independent travellers. There is so much more to see & experience in the Czech Republic beyond Prague, wonderful though the city is.

    At some point in the future, it would be great to meet in the real world, rather than only the virtual world as at present :-)

  2. Hi chaplain, we've actually been talking about visiting your church, so we will introduce ourselves when we come!

    I probably picked up "rellies" from being on the international circuit, though I think my sister (who lives in Washington) uses it, too. :)


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