That. Green. Couch.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All we wanted was a small accent table for the entryway. You know, for framed photos and a key dish and stuff.

Ikea would have been a quick fix, but BW and I have journeyed to those big blue boxes on the fringes of Prague a few times now, and we just didn't have the heart to do it again. Plus I had the romantic notion that we could find a piece with history and joie de vivre. Unlike laminated pressboard. 

Thus, after our last visa appointment at the Foreign Police in a crumby part of Prague 3, we headed to a nearby antique furniture warehouse I'd found online. It was behind U Nákladového nádraží, along with a couple of other dealers.

Yuk! Where is this place? 
So THIS is where gorgeous Czech furniture goes to die in the hopes that someone will come along and reanimate it...

That. Green. Couch.
I couldn't believe my eyes... row after row after row of pieces decades and centuries of years old. Sure, some of it was pricey, but there were deals to be found. A wobbly-but-stunning Art Deco wardrobe was 800kc ($40), for example. 

I once met a state senator from Minnesota who traveled to Chicago frequently just to scour shops and flea markets for Art Deco items. And he paid a LOT for them. I feel like if this place was in the US, not a stick of wood would be left in it.

I wanted this cobweb-covered old typewriter! No reason. I just wanted it!

More couches of my dreams

Can we take it all home?
Imagine the stories behind all of these curio cabinets and writing desks and horsehair chairs...

We didn't find what we were looking for on this trip, but if we strike it rich, I may insist on purchasing a Czech home just so I can fill it with treasures like this:


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  1. Wow! This look fantastic. Like Bauer Brothers of Minneapolis only in Czech


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