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Monday, May 12, 2014

There are healthy helpings of irreverence all over Budapest. Amid grandiose government structures and treasure-laden museums, you find things like a Michael Jackson memorial tree. And a cafe in the back of an old VW van. In our last Budapest post, we share a few quirky bits found 'round the city. 

One thing we DIDN'T get a photo of was the multitude of people strewn on blankets all over public park space come sunset. One particular city square was packed tighter than a Brazilian beach during a heatwave. People would just sit for hours, in a big blanket-people quilt, elbow-to-elbow with strangers, eating picnic food, chatting and drinking wine straight from the bottle. It was weirdly wonderful. 

If only we'd had more than a couple of days to uncover additional oddities...  

We left our mark on a table in a kert.

A table for two in a VW. (The sister cafe is on the left.)

MJ forever.

Odd ad #1: A meat bikini

Odd ad #2: Does Kobe REALLY use Turkish Airlines all that much?

A purple boat in the middle of a beer garden
My favorite: A braille "sightseeing" vista along the riverside


  1. i love all the quirky a'happening here. its fantastic. i never realized i need to visit budapest so badly ;)


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