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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Being mom and dad's furry little girl, I have seen a lot of this world. I even have my own passport! 
My fuzzy mug
I am an only child, and mom and dad say it's surprisingly easy to travel with me. Except for when I had mad soupy tummy on the way to Hungary. That was crappy, pun intended.

Here are our tips for making trips together rebarkable:

1) I get my own travel bag and it has a toy, a towel, toothbrush, treats, cans of food, etc. On flights it goes in mom's carry-on.

2) Mom and dad take the time to search for pet-friendly accommodation. We've been lucky because home exchanges and AirBnB people are very welcoming to me, as are small pensions.

3) My 'rents also always find the nearest vet and green space to where we're staying when we travel. We learned the vet part after I hurt my paw in Austria at Cousin Lv's place.

4) Before booking air/rail/road transportation, mom and dad call ahead and make sure I can fly in the cabin or ride on the train or bus. Not all companies allow me.
Their loss.

5) We structure our days so I can either go sightseeing with them or they come back to me within 8 hours. I just sleep while they're gone.

6) When I AM prancing around like a tourist, they sometimes take turns watching me and going into places like churches, where I'm never allowed. And they always bring lots of water for me.

7) Mom and dad always ask nicely before bringing me into a building. You'd be surprised how many museums, sites and shops I can visit, especially when dad carries me!

Oh, and they just booked flights home to America this summer - on Czech Airlines and Germany's Condor, so I can ride in the cabin with them. They know I'm worth less leg room!


  1. so great that you can bring her in the cabin with you!! she's precious!

    1. Thanks :) It's a lot easier than we initially thought it would be! The trick is finding an airline that allows it - usually the Central and Eastern European ones are game.

  2. Interesting! I've been really curious to know more about dog ownership abroad and maintaining a traveling lifestyle as a dog owner. One of these days we'll get a furry buddy like Jayda :)

    1. Furry buddies are good! The CZ is amazing for dogs, but we also looked at gigs in Abu Dhabi and it was nearly impossible to bring her in with regulations and cost. We figure if people can do it with kids, we can do it with 6kg of fluff :)

  3. We allow dogs into Church at St. Clement's. She would be very welcome :-)


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