A second helping of Cesky Krumlov

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Only 4 short months separated our trips to whimsical Cesky Krumlov; we wrote about the first HERE in June. But with set 'o parents #2 in town, subsequent visits were on the menu. So serve up the sightseeing we did.

The place is so bleeping beautiful that it's hard to botch a weekend there!

First off, if you're a pension person, you must MUST stay with Gerta at - you got it - Pension Gerta. She is unendingly hospitable, reasonably priced and so accommodating. She'll pick you up at the train station, plant you in a clean little room, cook you a huge breakfast and encourage you to rest your tootsies in the garden out back. Unbeatable.

A visit to the castle is pleasant; this time we actually bought a ticket and went inside, though photos were outlawed in the period rooms. (Tour was about 12 bucks.)

Outside the castle, we visited the gardens and the open-air amphitheater, and we even saw a photo shoot.

We ate all over, but, honestly, our favorite food was at the entirely inexpensive Travelers' Hostel. PaPa W dug into the pork, cabbage and dumplings and Ma W crowed about the couscous with grilled vegetables and Camembert cheese. Likewise, we had delicious pivo (beer)  at the Eggenberg Brewery. A collection of Austrian men were there, singing song after pivo-soaked song. 

But mostly, we wandered. Past an art alley, below the castle, over the wooden bridges and through loads of shops. And more.

Hezky Cesky!


  1. So lovely! I'm jealous of the sunshine you got!

  2. Despite having lived in the Czech Republic for just over six years and having explored many parts of the country that the normal English-speaker does not visit, we have yet to visit Český Krumlov. However, it is on our 'bucket list'. Your photos & the reports of friends who have visited, only confirm that we should do too!

  3. Such beautiful photos! The weather last weekend was incredible.... I'm sure the folks will have very pleasant memories of their Czech visit.

  4. It is pretty ridiculously gorgeous! A definite must-see if you're visiting the Czech Republic.

  5. Yes, the weather was impeccable. They were entranced :) Yay to visiting parents!

  6. Ricky, do do do visit when you have the chance. It's a bit touristy but oh-so lovely and well-worth the trip!

  7. It IS ridiculously gorgeous. Definitely a must-see if you visit the Czech Republic!

  8. Cheers! It rained a lot the week prior, and I felt so bad for the visiting in-laws. The sun in Cesky Krumlov really made up for it.

  9. I've recently heard so many wonderful things about this place - and if I ever make it there (fingers crossed because I would LOVE to) I will try to stay with Gerta :)

  10. Soooo want to visit here on our return to Prague!!


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