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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quiz question:
What's got two noses, four feet, a Rick Steves guidebook and Minnesota passports?

BW's parents, Ma and PaPa W, who arrived this week (and brought rain showers with them)!

They've been cavorting around Praha while we've been at school. I feel badly that we're not more available during the day, but midterm break is coming and that means half a fortnight of time for fun and freedom.

In the meantime, we're sightseeing together in the evenings, like last night when we connected at Namesti Republicky square and poked around in Obecni Dum (Municipal House).

According to its web site, Obecni Dum is where an independent Czechoslovakia was proclaimed in 1918 and where President Vaclav Havel held some of the first civic meetings upon the fall of Communism in 1989.

I just think it's pretty.

The building is one of the most exquisite examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe. It glitters and glows and gleams with heaps of glass and gold.

Czech out Obecni Dum's mini-me in its basement.

When we tired of being awash in Art Nouveau splendor, we walked back out into Prague's fading light for some Gothic goodness at Prague's Powder Tower, one of the original gates to the city.

Further on, Signal Fest, an arts event where moving lights are splashed onto buildings and monuments to the beat of electronic music, happened to be on in Old Town Square.

And a pork knuckle at Deminka was a perfect nightcap.


  1. Agreed! Eye candy is all around you :)

  2. Aw there is nothing more fun than having family over and visiting with them - even if it's just at night :) I'm sure Prague is amazing even after sundown!


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