Not just clay pots

Monday, September 14, 2015

I heard of "pottery festival" and I envisioned a lot of boring clay pots.

I attended "pottery festival" and I was awash in artistry, music, color and delight. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday outside of the city.

The Beroun Pottery Market takes place twice a year. Beroun's central Hus Square fills up with pottery stalls, wine peddlers, traditional Czech musicians, and more.

I couldn't believe how nearly every stall boasted pottery, but every piece of pottery was different. I'd gone intending on buying some Christmas presents for loved ones but was sort of overwhelmed by the offers. So I bought a couple of espresso cups and small things and planned to come back in the Spring again.

BW and I been through Beroun before, on the way to Konopiště Chateau, but we never stopped to enjoy the town itself. Like most Czech places, it had a lovely little center... and its fair share of graffiti in other spots. It was only 36 minutes by train from Prague.

Kava tasted extra good in my Beroun pottery cup this morning. Looking forward to returning for more pretty wares.

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