How to not break the bank in Copenhagen

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I've wanted to go to Copenhagen ever since our friends the TyVoles raved about the city a while back. However... hearing about the costs of the darn place ($10 for a beer?!) kept us from going. Well, we were lucky enough to score a home exchange in late August, so we pinky-swore that we would not spend in a superfluous manner and we went.

Here's how we didn't break the bank in Copenhagen:

1) EATING: Eat in. It's easy to do when you're staying in someone's actual home, like we did. Or, if you're out, eat at Papiroen, Copenhagen's street food island. It has food trucks with Denmark's traditional Smørrebrød, or Korean barbeque, or Indian daal, etc. 

2) SIGHTSEEING: We did most of it by foot, as the center is very walkable and packed with things to see. For 60 minutes, however, we were on an inexpensive boat tour that wound through the city's stunning canals. It was with Kanalrundfarten.

3) MUSEUMS: Many are free, and none of them are expensive. We especially liked the National Museum of Denmark and the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum.

4) CULTURE: We simply set out on foot and ran into all sorts of fun. One day, it was the Copenhagen Pride parade. Another, it was Copenhagen's attempt at breaking the Guinness Record for the longest street mural in the world! (The did it, FYI.) We enjoyed a wander through Copenhagen's infamous hippie free-town Christiania, which is decidedly commercialized but still very alternative.

5) DINING: It's sky-high in this city. Still, since Copenhagen is a foodie mecca, we picked a NY Times-recommended place run by a Michelin-starred chef called Manfreds and had the lunchtime degustation menu, which was much less expensive than dinner. SO worth it. We also took a few pictures of foodie BW outside of NOMA, the best restaurant in the world.

6) RELAXING: One of the (many) things I loved about Denmark's capitol was its handfuls of benches/chairs/steps scattered throughout public spaces, usually facing the afternoon sun. No need to feel obligated to buy a coffee in order to sit in a cafe chair; free seats are prolific.

So there you have it - we came out the other end of Copenhagen with our bank accounts still intact. And we loved every active, arty minute of it. A few photos for the road...

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