A Burčák journey

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's Burčák season again! Sure, the beverage smells a touch like Yellowstone National Park's sulfurous hot springs (read: eggy), but it's a beloved element of Fall here in the Czech Republic. Essentially, it's a seasonal sweet wine made from young Moravian grapes, a bit cloudy and very likely to set your head a-spin after a couple of glasses.

Although Burčák is available all over Prague, we hopped on a bus to the town of Mělník for a wine festival to get into the spirit of the local drink.

The buses going out of Prague were so packed by Burčák revelers that it took almost two hours longer to get there than planned. But the wait for a space on a bus was worth it!

Graffiti at the bus station
Initially we were welcomed by a tacky fun fair and, having never been to Mělník before, I was worried that this was the festival.

But we soon discovered the town center, packed with wine stalls and music and food and handmade goods. It was 100kc ($5) each to get in. Bacchus was alive and well in this space.

There was an incredible overlook on the edge of the local castle grounds, which were adjacent to the center. We also saw St. Peter and St. Paul's Church and the surrounding vineyards. 

There couldn't have been a more perfect backdrop for our glasses of Burčák. Na zdraví!

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