Stromovka Park by paw and arm

Friday, November 6, 2015

A post by Jayda. Woof.

A couple of weeks ago, before the leaves had turned, we spent a Saturday just a-walking as much as we could. I like me some looooong walks. But I tend to peter out after about a mile and then mom or dad has to carry me. My 6-inch legs can only go so far!

We started at our favorite place to get American-style pancakes, Bohemia Bagel, Holešovice. The tattooed waitresses there just love my fuzzy mug. 

Then it was on to Stromovka Park, the best - and biggest - park in Prague. It was created as royal hunting grounds by King Premysly Otakar II in the 1200s. This is perfect for me as I am part Shitzu and we Shitzus are naturally instinctive hunters. (But the truth is I live a serviced life in a cozy apartment and eat kibble.) 

We stopped for a bowl of water and odpočinek (relaxation) at Šlechtovka, a snack bar/beer garden outside of the old summer palace that shares the same name. The park has ponds, playgrounds, numerous walking and bike paths, rollerblade and bike rental, and even a planetarium. By the East entrance to Stromovka, there is a fun fair in the summer. 

My favorite part about the park, though, is all the other furry friends I get to meet. I put on my best socialite behavior and greet the beau monde of Prague dogs. 

Being a debutante is hard work! After traipsing through the park a bit more, I require that dad carry me and we walk North, past horse stables and across a footbridge to the Troja area. There is an incredible zoo and a gorgeous chateau in that area, but I'm not allowed in those. 

So we turned Eastward, past a big Trojan horse pottery studio and Prague's internationally-reknowned whitewater slalom course. I waved my pink tongue and my bushy white tail at the kayakers.

After about 20 more minutes, we reached a tram stop. Dad's arms were numb at this point, so we zipped home. And I treated myself to a well-earned nap on mom's pillow. 

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