Five-sense Saturday

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How have we been indulging our 5 senses in Prague this Autumn?

About the renegade artists who replaced the Presidential flag flying above Prague Castle with a giant pair of red underpants. The move was to criticize Czech President Miloš Zeman for his relations with China. 

From the BBC

All of those archetypal September/October smells - the earthiness of fallen leaves, the tang of mulled wine, the tendrils of smoke off grilled meat and Trdelník stands, the ripeness of tart apples, the damp of musty Gothic structures, etc.

The our pooch's fluffy 'do before we had her quad-annual shaving. Our groomer's name is Julia and she is amazing; she even sings whilst clipping away, which our girl adores. I wish she cut human hair!

A retrospective of the work of contemporary Czech artist Ján Mančuška at the Prague City GalleryFun to see how he went from Q-tip-and-plastic-straw murals to stories strung across the room on wire. 


The Fall bounty from our local Dejvice Farmers' Market. We've done an apple/sweet potato bake, cured sausage, roasted root vegetables and my personal favorite, Butternut Squash with Browned Butter and Rosemary Fettuccine. (That title would probably be a shibboleth for most non-native English speakers!) It was divine, and I suggest you try it.


We're pulling on our wool socks and staving off Winter!

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