Plastic hockey sticks and holey balls

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our landlord is a serious florbal (in English: floorball) player. Cool! 

Buuuut... our only frame of reference for the sport is the few times we played it in elementary gym class - and  back then we called it "floor hockey," but we used a plastic puck instead of the wiffle-like, holey balls they use here.

We should probably learn more about this sport because it's Big here. Like Really Big. It's on TV a lot and there are even whole stores for it, like this one near my school:

I Googled "Cesky Florbal" and found out that there's a mammoth international floorball tournament in Prague every August. In 2014, they expect 200 teams from 20 countries from around the world. It's been going on since 1992, and apparently the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland are floorball powerhouses.

According to Wikipedia, the highest finish the Czech National Florbal team has had was Bronze in the World Championships in 2010. Not too shabby.

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