Fun with haggis

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We went down the rabbit hole of haggis, tartan, bagpipes and wee drams of whiskey last weekend, and we liked it. The impetus was Burns Night, a Scottish holiday that commemorates the poet Robert Burns. Multiple people ER works with are Scottish, and they throw a huge Burns party/charity fundraiser every year. So we got gussied up and joined in.

This year's charity was the Motol Children's Hospital- a great reason to buy raffle tickets. BW and I won the Chivas Regal raffle at our table and just poured it 'round.

The haggis - offal and oats cooked in a sheep stomach - was marched into the hall with a bagpipes procession. After a Burns poem and a speech, it was speared with a knife and set out to eat. We were slightly afraid, but it wasn't that bad!

There were also toasts to the lads and lassies, prize raffles (we won a facial and Indian food), music, and - BW's "favorite", traditional Scottish dancing. The man who professed to never dance entered the thick of it and, I think, had fun.

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