Eggs and whips

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marshmallow Peeps, rainbow-dyed fingers and eggs, church and copious amounts of baked ham comprised our Easters back in the U.S. We've found it much the same in the Czech Republic, save for a few eggcellent (ha.) additions.

First off, the Czechs have Easter markets. And they're incredible. Yes, they have typical fare like hand-painted eggs and tulip bulbs, but you can also find goodies like langoše (fried dough), wooden jewelry and whipping sticks. Whipping sticks? More on that below. Here are the Namesti Miru markets, near our flat:

Lovely colors

Sun on stalks

Need a basket?

 The city is suddenly awash in tulips
We also visited the Old Town Square markets, but it was on one of those windy days with clothes-penetrating chill, so we didn't stay long. 


Hand-painted eggs - kraslice.

Freezing folk musicians

A huge egg tree being whipped by the wind

I know you're still reading because you want to find out about those whipping sticks :) In Czech tradition, males make or buy pomlázka, or whips made of willow branches, decorated with colorful ribbon or tissue paper. They "whip" the females on their legs on Easter Monday, who in turn have to give them a painted egg, some candy or a shot of liquor. A Czech friend relayed that it's bad luck if you're female and you don't get whipped! More Czech Easter info can be found HERE.

It was so pretty that I had to buy one. But BW doesn't get to use it. ;)
 Happy Easter! Or in Czech, Veselé Velikonoce!

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