Wedding? Planned.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Being in a foreign country means that mediums like iMessage and Skype are the bearers of major family news. Not ideal, but much better than the molasses-slow dial-up internet I had when I came to Prague for the first time nine years ago. Still, it took my sis almost five days to get a hold of us (thanks to a 7-hour time difference and a nutty end-of-term) to share that...dum dum da dum...

...she and DoubleB got engaged! Congrats, you splashy lovebirds, you!

I think I prefer this Morfo booth version of them, though:

Since sis and I are 1/8 Czech, I propose she and DoubleB get married here in Prague and wear "kroj", which is Czech folk costume. (Who's with me!?) I read that some Czech wedding traditions are making the groom wear a horse collar; having the newlyweds sweep up a broken plate; and requiring them to eat a shared bowl of soup with one spoon.

From Wikimedia Commons
Perhaps we could book Prague's St. Nicholas Church...

...serve a menu of fried cheese and potatoes...

...and have these guys, "Bohemian Bards", perform!

I think I've got it covered.

In all seriousness, this splendid engagement announcement has got me missing home in a big way. In honor of little sis, here's a gnome she felted for me, next to a shot of our parents, Ma and Pa NoDak, in their groovy college years:

Conversely, Mom and Dad W will be pleased to know that their bookshelf presence is a tad more modern :)

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