Spring on wheels

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

While this season means the stress of school reports (almost done), high-stakes exams (starting soon) and a theatrical production (just finished), it all seems to melt away under warm Spring sunbeams. Nothing seems so bad when they're dancing on your pasty skin after a grey winter.

The pleasant temps also allow for equally de-stressing outdoor pursuits. We've been taking in Prague's parks by foot and relishing all the fresh blooms.

In Letna Park
And then there's biking; for our first ride of the season, we did a 50km ride from Prague to Karlstejn Castle. It was for a fundraiser for an orphanage in Tanzania that my school supports.

We gathered early on a Saturday,
Near school
smiling even though longer dreams would have been ideal.
Grinning through gritted teeth
The route took us along some small cliffs...
The sun went away and a chill set in
...over a bridge...
No trolls, though
...past the most bucolic scenery...

...and to the village of Karlstejn, crowned with a castle!
BW and I each inhaled thick bowls of kulajda soup and plates of fried cheese, chicken schnitzel and potatoes. After all, my heart rate said I burned something like 1,400 calories! 
It hurts to sit
And then it was back home on the train for us. Others in the group BIKED back to Prague, but our derrieres had received enough abuse for the day :)
The Karlstejn train station


  1. Well done for cycling 50km. I could manage that & more, forty years ago - but not now! Scenically, the Prague - Karlštejn trip is very attractive & your photos capture it well.

  2. It was much to far for the first ride of the season; I am no "spring chicken"! Do you type your Czech letter accents or cut and paste the words? I notice you have all the carons, etc., on your words...

  3. If you're not a 'spring chicken' then I hate to think what that makes me :-)

    Whilst the laptop I work on was bought in the Czech Republic, it is set up to for writing in English. I'm sure there is some short cut I could use to make it write in Czech, but I haven't yet found it. Therefore I usually compile things in a text document using Open Office, inserting the necessary diacritics as I write. Then I copy & paste. Annoyingly, for technical reasons that are beyond my comprehension, my own blog set-up, cannot cope with numerous Czech diacritics & instead, renders them as question marks. This is the only issue where Google Blogspot does seem to be better than WordPress.

    As you are an English teacher, may I gently point out that it should be 'much too far', rather than 'much to far', in your previous answer to my original comment.

  4. Whoops - typo! Thanks for sharing the diacritics process you use. See you soon!


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