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Friday, April 11, 2014

"Drowning in paper" is how I'd describe this week. BW has been filling out application papers for a US project. I've been marking International Baccalaureate papers on top of my normally hefty teaching load, for a bit of extra cash. Workworkwork mode, triple time.

Spring Break started today, and the first portion of it will be dedicated to these IB papers, but I can't complain; we will be zooming off on a "beer and history" themed road trip on Wednesday, and for now my marking is being done in lovely nooks like this, my beloved I.P. Pavlova cafe, Pražírna Kávy.

Last Sunday, I was marking at Cafe Zanzibar and noticed a striking regular - a Barbie Doll-esque woman who is perpetually planted at the same table, book in one hand and cigarette in the other. Always crowned with a huge blond bouffant and planted in 6-inch stiletto boots, her size-zero self waves off menus, orders a white wine and ginger tea, and then loses herself in literature.

So, today, although I have no want of a blond bouffant or cigarette, I do want the pages of these exams to go quickly; I need to "lose myself" in them, as well. Thus, in the name of focus, I, too, ordered a hot drink and white wine.

Hopefully these pages will go fast.

Stacks of papers notwithstanding, Spring as a whole has brought many gems - dinners with friends (Ben made beef bourguignon at ours one night), seeing "Grand Hotel Budapest,"  a visit to a new church run by a fellow blogger, discovering a cheap n cheerful Czech-Mex spot, picnics in green spaces, BW winning his March Madness bracket, a new Principal's license, and some excellent family news, which I'll post about later. 

#Thinkspring! And back to the exams...


  1. Just be careful not to spill any white wine or ginger tea on those IB papers :-) Enjoy your 'beer & history' themed road trip which I look forward to reading about here on your blog in due course. And hopefully catching up with you for a chat after Easter.

  2. Cheers, Chaplain! A coffee it is. It will be too early for white wine!


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